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Working Internationally with Horses

Find out how Krystal became so passionate about travelling the globe educating riders and people about the welfare of horses and the love of her sport. 

Young horses, whether unbroken or just starting can benefit from having an advanced Coach, like Krystal, start them off on the right foot! Re-training ex-race horses or re-schooling an older horse can be time-consuming and difficult for someone without the proper tools. It is our goal to get you on the right track and to give you the confidence to continue your horse's development in a way that speaks to your horse's needs! Horseback riding is the only sport in the Olympics where men and women compete 

EQUALLY and Krystal strives to inspire future rider's from around the 

world to follow their dreams. Horses can take you to amazing places! 

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Empower Women with Horses!

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travels to continue to spread riding programs around the world. 

Elite Riding Coach & Horse Trainer

Professional Female Solo Adventurer, now offering World Tours! 

Wondering how I managed to work in a dozen countries with horses? The answer is simple. Horses only speak one language. Horse. It doesn't matter if you are an endurance rider, polo player or show jumper, EVERYONE can benefit from Krystal's Riding & Training Program! 

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher, Krystal Kelly introduces her very own yoga for horse rider's clinics specializing in improving your riding position, curing your stiffness in the saddle and focusing on breathing techniques to communicate with your horse while performing your favorite equestrian sport! 

Show Jumping, Polo Dressage & Endurance

Krystal Kelly is a Californian and has been around the world training students and horses of all levels. She has managed stables with more than 70+ horses and a staff of ten or more Grooms (all non-English speakers). She has developed riding curriculums and programs for start-up clubs and horse holidays in various countries as well as acted as a consultant. Her horses and students are trained to the highest standard as she continues to develop her love of the sport in various places. Krystal is willing and able to travel for clinics tailored to you and your horse's personal needs!  Krystal has also been known to attend Public Speaking Events, promoting International travel and work with horses abroad and empowering young women globally to chase their dreams no matter the odds! 
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